Welcome to my atelier!

Welcome to my atelier!


Welcome to my atelier!

Today, we would like to introduce the latest collection of the shop.

Some new items are listed from England and Italy.

Highlights include an Antique Victorian Sweetheart Brooch and a Vintage Blue Sapphire and Diamond 'Halo' Ring. Both items are romantic love tokens exchanged between lovers or couples in the old time.

Expressing a lovely swallow with hearts and forget-me-nots, the history and stories surrounding the brooch will expand your imagination.

A beautiful sapphire engagement ring surrounded by 12 diamonds and 2 diamonds on the shoulder. It is a ring with a feeling that makes you feel delicate and elegant.

And from Italy, Pop and Bohemian Style Necklaces, Bracelets, and Pierced Earrings from up-and-coming artists have arrived.

"Collezione Laboratorio Orafo Italiano" is a collection of unique items procured from 100% handmade small lot production workshops that have not yet been released in Japan.

Check out the creative works of the lady living near Milano.




現在、イギリスとイタリアからいくつかの新しいアイテムがリストされています。 注目アイテムは、イギリスのAntique Sweetheart BroochVintage Blue Sapphire &Diamonds ’Halo' Ringです。 どちらのお品もかつての時代、恋人同士や夫婦の間で交わされたロマンティックなLove Tokenです。




「Collezione Laboratorio Orafo Italiano」は、日本未発売かつ100%ハンドメイドの少量生産の工房から仕入れた、個性豊かなアイテムをコレクションしています。 ミラノ近郊に住むレディが作ったクリエイティブな作品をぜひ、ご覧ください。