About Subscription_ ニュースレター購読について

About Subscription_ ニュースレター購読について


Anna’s Purple Emeraldでは毎月1回メールマガジンを配信しております。







  1. ご来店時に自動表示される「Pop Up ウィンドウ」にメールアドレスを入力
  2. お店のH.P.最下部の「Newsletter」部分にメールアドレスを入力
  3. チェックアウト画面で「ニュースとオファーをメールで受け取る」に✅を入れる









Thank you for visiting us.

Anna's Purple Emerald distributes an e-mail magazine once a month.

Information on new product arrivals, specialized information related to products, mini columns, recommended information, various announcements, etc.

At the end of the email, there is a special coupon for email magazine subscribers.

Please use it when shopping.

[How to subscribe to the newsletter]

1.Enter your email address in the "Pop Up Window" that is automatically displayed when you visit the store
2.Enter your email address in the "Newsletter" section at the bottom of the store website
3.Put ✅ in "Receive news and offers by email" on the checkout screen

[Summary of special coupons for e-mail magazine subscribers]

Benefits: 15% off all items (can only be used once, no expiration date, cannot be combined with other coupons)

How to use the coupon: On the checkout screen, enter the coupon code and click Apply.

However, customers who have already subscribed to the monthly newsletter for the current month will be notified in the next issue or will receive individual newsletters as needed.

For information management purposes, we will delete any e-mail address that has not created an account or has made a purchase for more than 12 months after subscribing to the e-mail magazine. Please note that if you delete your information, all registered information will be deleted, and you will be required to register again when using this service in the future.