Les bijoux mignons français

Les bijoux mignons français














・ブークレ・ドレイユ = イヤリング

・ブークレ・ドレイユ・ペルセー = ピアスド・イヤリング

・ブークレ・ドレイユ・クリップ = クリップ・イヤリング


・バーグ = リング

・コリエ = ネックレス

・パリュール = トリオ(イヤリン+ネックレス)







Bijoux de France



Bijoux mignons français


I received a jolies bijoux from France.

Imported from a long-established antique boutique lying in the natural rich old castle area of ​​the Aquitaine region in southwestern France.


"In her hands of old things, she can bring new life to anything, no matter how old it is, because it has the power to turn the traces left behind into beautiful treasures over time."


Beautiful bijoux arrived with such a poetic message. When I opened the package, nostalgic and adorable bijoux those resembled cuteness and nostalgia were carefully wrapped one by one. Unintentionally, cheers and sighs leaked, and I was very impressed.


I checked the condition of each and newly cleaned them at our shop.  They would be prepared and listed one by one.


This time, I will explain some of them.


[About notation]


・ Bouclés D’oreiiles = Earrings

・ Boucles D’oreilles Percées = Pierced Earrings

・ Bouclés D’oreiiles Clip = Clip Earrings


・ Bague = Ring

・ Collier = Necklace

・ Parure = trio (Earrings + necklace)


French people have a strong love for the locals and take great pride in speaking in French. I also respect such thoughts and would like to use the French name in the shop. (* In an easy-to-understand range)


Bijoux from France will be in stock at any time in the future.

I would be happy if you could enjoy the first one.


Bijoux de France