New Faces have been arriving in the shop!!

New Faces have been arriving in the shop!!

この度、Fine Jewellery Collectionに新しいアイテムを追加いたしました。

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New Faces have been arriving in the shop !!


We are pleased to announce the new items to our Fine Jewelery Collection.


・ Sterling Silver・Emerald &CZ・ “Halo” ・ Ring

・ Sterling Silver・Emerald&CZ・ ”Pear Cut”・Ring

・ Sterling Silver・Sapphire・”Round Cut” Ring


All are sustainable man-made gemstones. Also, from this time, we have expanded the production source to India.

Jewelery has a long history in India, dating back more than 5,000 years. Before democratization, the empire flourished and many gems played important religious and ceremonial roles. Even today, gems and jewelery have a strong message of power, honor and love in India.

In the past, imitation stones and low-quality gems were in circulation, but in recent years, knowledge of gemology has expanded and education to perfect gems has taken root.

In addition, overwork and child labor in harsh environments are among the most worrisome issues in the gem production process. However, recently, more and more producers are solving this problem.

That's lab-made jewelery.

At our shop, we have verified multiple Indian lab-made jewelery with the purpose of introducing high quality and sustainable jewelery as much as possible.

As a result, we have decided to handle new Indian jewelery from the wonderful jewelery creation power that customers will recognize and the comprehensive service power that is worthy of trust.

First of all, the “Emerald” named after our shop. And we have listed only a limited number of “Sapphires”, which are also the oldest stones in India.

We would be grateful if you could experience a wonderful, transparent sparkle stones.

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