Sustainable Fine Jewelleries

Sustainable Fine Jewelleries

Fine JewelleryにNew Faceが登場!





  • ヴィンテージ・スターリングシルバー・ホワイトオパール&エメラルド・リング(1サイズ)
  • ヴィンテージ・スターリングシルバー・エメラルド&ホワイトトパーズ・リング (2サイズ)
  • ヴィンテージ・スターリングシルバー・ホワイトオパール&エメラルド・リング (2サイズ)






New Face is now available in Fine Jewelery!

The American vintage silver market is large and many silvers are reused. We have listed a limited number of fine jewelries made from recycled 1980s vintage sterling silver.

This time, three new types have been added.

Vintage Sterling Silver White Opal & Emerald Ring (1 size)
Vintage Sterling Silver Emerald & White Topaz Ring (2 sizes)
Vintage Sterling Silver White Opal & Emerald Ring (2 sizes)

Also, listed items those were sold out are back in stock.

Gem stones those give off a fresh glow such as green opal will be in stock at any time in the future.

We would like to continue to introduce sustainable fine jewelry. Please take a look at the collection!

※ "Sustainable" means sustainable activities that take recycling, reuse, and the social environment into consideration.

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