New Arrivals From France Vol.2

New Arrivals From France Vol.2









    • マテリアル:ゴールドトーン、ポーセリン、グラスビーズ
    • サイズ: ネックレスの長さ: 43cm  ペンダント: L: 4.5cm W: 3.2cm
    • 留め具:ロブスター留め
    • 年代:1960年代
    • 生産国:France
    • プライス:¥9,350


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New Arrivals From France


The elegant bijoux have been arriving from an antique boutique laying on the beautiful lakeside of Bergerac in the Aquitaine region, famous for its excellent Southern French wines.


Bergerac is known as the "Cobblestone and Green Town" and has a thriving wine and cigarette market. Also there are old castles and churches.  We found many classical and beautiful bijoux with culturally ancient historic land.

And this time, we have selected only a limited number of beautiful necklaces and earrings.


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Vintage Collier Pendantif Scene Fragonard Ceramique


Made in France in the 1960s, this pendant is a beautiful snake chain set with Fragonard's masterpiece porcelain. The pendant is a delicate Philligry openwork metal. The porcelain is pasted and set with 6 silver glass beads around it and an Art Deco nail clasp. The chain becomes soft and the matte gold shines dull. I recommend to dress elegantly with a beautiful washed-out shirt. The vintage condition is very good and in good condition.


* Materials: Gold tone, porcelain, glass beads

* Size: Necklace length: 43cm Pendant: L: 4.5cm W: 3.2cm

* Fasteners: Lobster fastener

* Age: 1960s

* Country of origin: France

*Price: ¥9,350


You can find this item in New Arrivals From France.


We also have beautiful glass beaded necklaces and rose gold chain necklaces. Both are masterpieces that you can use for a long time. we would be happy if you could find a vintage necklace of a Lifelong.