Approach to Gardening Seasons !!

Approach to Gardening Seasons !!











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Approach to Gardening Seasons !!


The scent of flowers, the singing of birds, the sprouting of trees, the footsteps of the spring is approaching.

It's time for startting moving outside.

Of course, the trend of vaccination is a concern, but we would like to approach it from the point where we can become positive.


I like gardening and vegetable growing, so I'm planning  about this year's planting. The refreshing scents of kale, cherry tomatoes, basil, mint remind me of the desire to touch the greenery.


Meanwhile, the shop is the first to have an array of exciting jewelry that adds color to spring!

Strawberry season, bird humming, flower blooming, sparkling champagne… They are crowded like a fun party venue.


Various brooches add a charming look to your favorite scenes. Put it on your favorite knits or bags and let it bloom!


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